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Automate Shared Files
We are expert at converting tacked together word-pro, spreadsheet and shared file office systems into a highly efficient centralized information systems    
Convert Legacy Systems
Legacy systems your organization needs for day-to-day processing can be recoded to implement newer platform features and security    
Automation Consulting
InTouch offers many automation consulting services from reviewing existing systems to guidance on setting the directions for future requirements    

We Automate Business Administrative Processes

Most internal office systems start off as a prototype built in a combination of Word Processing and Spreadsheet files housed in a shared file directory.  Early on these systems work quite well and offer a great deal of flexibility .. however shortcomings become apparent when data volumes and user counts increase:
  • requires greater administrative hours while providing far less benefit
  • data re-entry frustration builds and errors tend to creep in
  • prone to document inconsistencies
  • reporting is very manual and laborious
  • provides fewer opportunities for management control of operations
In Touch Systems can code Windows Desktop or Web Applications that pull together the strengths of your existing operational documents, allow users to enter data only once saving significant administrative overhead and frustration while providing easy centralized access to all users.  Replace tacked together word-pro and spreadsheet systems with a centralized information system yielding many benefits including:
  • data is entered once correctly and flows through the entire system
  • document styles, content and processes can be tighly controlled
  • data can be reported on quickly and easily
  • historical records are quick to locate and easy to review
  • our systems allow very easy searching and sorting of records
  • we design for consistent system speed even with larger record counts
  • centralized lists are real time and always up to date
  • our systems offer many opportunities to assist users with everyday tasks
  • calendars, email and sms messaging can be integrated with system actions
  • field users can review or update selective information securely through web applications and separate data stores
  • windows desktop applications provide power and control for internal users
In Touch can review areas of your business that have been targetted for automation and provide a software development plan with companion cost estimate to properly tackle your needs.  If you decide to move forward .. we deliver working system components and then invoice for each finished component.  This ensures you have working product prior to payment being required.

InTouch delivers custom software applications quickly at very reasonable cost.  These systems can provide decades of reliable operation to help run your important business functions.

InTouch offers business automation consulting to help maintain or upgrade important existing systems, review software and systems developed by third parties, make recommendations for future information systems direction and help provide an effective business interface between your programmers and your operational users.

our development platforms include : Microsoft .NET Framwork .. PHP .. Node.js .. JavaScript .. HTML5 .. Bootstrap .. REST Services .. ZedGraph .. Chrystal Reports .. Microsoft SQL Server .. Oracle DB .. MySQL .. Microsoft Sharepoint .. NGINX .. Apache .. Microsoft IIS .. WordPress .. QuickBooks Interfacing .. Microsoft Word object model .. Microsoft Excel object model .. Microsoft Outlook object model .. Microsoft RDP .. Microsoft VBA .. Microsoft Access .. iOS .. android .. PayPal eCommerce .. Oracle Virtualbox .. VMware .. Microsoft Virtual PC ..
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